On the dangerous desert wasteland Chomii, a young girl by the name of Mika lies, cheats and steals to stay alive. The only light in Mika’s life is her cheery flame companion, Amber, who she can summon from her hand-made Ember Emitter device. Mika’s home is under rule by the vicious Royals who watch the refugee camps from their towers above. On a fateful day Mika is visited by a group of amateur bandits led by the embittered cowboy Sir Wolvak. He sees something extraordinary in Mika’s ability to steal and recruits her on a mission to swipe power away from The Royals and take back their freedom. It’s an intergalactic road trip where our heroes-to-be discover strange allies, ruthless enemies and wondrous worlds in a journey across the stars.
We have also just recently launched our REKINDLE Instagram where you can check out behind the scenes photos from the production:
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